Jarin's Bacon-Infused Vodka... makes your Bloody Mary say "Oink!"

As promised, here is the recipe for my brother-in-law's Bacon-Infused Vodka... It just might make your next Bloody Mary say "Oink!"... maybe not, but it will definitely elevate it to a new level...

Jarin's Bacon-Infused Vodka
The critical pieces...
12 strips of thick cut bacon (cooked)
1 liter of Vodka (Jarin used Prairie)
A glass container - where the infusion happens

The process...
Place the cooked bacon and vodka in a glass casserole dish.  Seal the top and place the drunken bacon in a cool, dark place. Because it will be marinating for 5 days, Jarin advises a solid seal for the dish and a dark, dark room.

Note: If you are worried about bacteria, Jarin says you can freeze the marinating vodka and bacon, but he believes the alcohol will kill any bacteria... he let his sit out to infuse, and he was still alive and well enough to share his recipe... a good sign!

After the 5 days transfer the dish to the freezer... This step helps to solidify the fat (gross!) so straining it off is easier (aha!).

Finally, you are able to strain and soon you'll be sipping!  Remove the bacon and pour the infused vodka through coffee filters to strain it.   Jarin re-used his vodka bottle and poured the improved bacon vodka back into it!  He strained his once, but feel free to repeat the freeze and strain process as many times as your heart desires.  And, Voila!  A crafty home-fused partner for your next Bloody Mary bar, that will curl your guests tails and leave you tickled pink... Thanks Jarin! -A

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