Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recipe #73... Silk for the Soul... Small Celebrations

I throw "small celebrations" when I feel I deserve them.  When I change an especially messy diaper I celebrate with dark chocolate.  When I manage to get kitchen cleaned up without someone pulling the naughty things out of the cabinets, it certainly warrants a dollop or two of Ready Whip, and while nap time is a treat in and of itself, I still celebrate with a simple, yet oh so luscious treat...
Silk for the Soul
Add the following to your mixer of choice...
Makes 1 Generous b/c Mommy Needs It Serving

2 c Milk of your choice (I like Vanilla Soy Milk)

* If using Cow's Milk, Add a little 1/4 tsp vanilla and powdered sugar
1 c Ice (big cubes usually 5 or 6) 

Topping *Spoiler Alert - This is the best part!! 
1 Healthy Swirl of Ready Whip (definitely exceeds recommended serving)
1 Shake of Cinnamon 
1 Straw for Sipping and Slurping

Blend this up for a little sweetness for your soul while your sweet little soul snoozes away... Carry your blender and contents into a far away room or skip the blending and go iced... whatever it takes to not wake the baby...  -A

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recipe #72... Tummy Trouble Tonic... For all Ages

Note: My little one is dealing with some tummy bumpers.  It hurts my heart.  Emilia is rarely sick, so when she is we are both derailed a bit.  Tummy troubles are minor but still no fun... especially when your diet is limited to the excitingly (j/k) bland BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet.  So I decided to fix a BRAT-inspired smoothie to literally mix it up and help her stay hydrated.  
Nearly Empty... Sweet Success!
Tummy Trouble Tonic
Add the following to your mixer of choice...
Makes 2 sip cup servings

3/4 c Coconut Water (hydration)

1/2 c Plain Greek Yogurt (protein and probiotics)
1 Fresh Strawberry (for taste)
1 Banana (the "B" in BRAT)
1 Small Handful of Ice (Our little one prefers less frozen flavor) 

When you are 13 mos old, a flexi straw and cup are more of a toy than method of sustenance intake - based on our recent experience.  More smoothie decorates the floor than remedies a bumping belly.  I found a Nuby sip cup with a straw perfect for her smoothies (in sickness and in health).  Blend your smoothie extra smooth to fit through the sip cup straw.  I hope you don't need this recipe anytime soon...  -A

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back from My - Extended - Vitamix Vacation...

I really can't believe it's been over a year and a half since I mixed and blogged.  I have been a little sidetracked since August 2012... my life forever changed... my schedule not completely my own.

Since my last posting...
A pretty good reason for a Vitamix vacay

I got pregnant (yeah!)
Got "morning sickness" - the kind that lasts 20 hours a day (ewww!)
My tastebuds were hijacked and consequently I was revolted by vegetables and the sight of the Vitamix (man oh man!)
My body required Arby's regular roast beef and Reuban sandwiches to survive the first 18 weeks of pregnancy - both of which aren't really suited to Vitamixing (unfortunate!)
The sickness passed by week 20 (shew!) but the aversion to greens did not (are you kidding me?)
I delivered a lovely baby girl (heart melts)
And with much trepidation I resumed my relationship with vegetables (leaf by leaf)
I blended a bit and breastfed a lot (just how it goes)
I did start making Emilia's solid foods, but cheated on my Vitamix with the Baby Beaba (for shame)
All the energy previously reserved for crafting concoctions for the Vitamix was now allocated to crafting silly songs and diversions for my growing gal (again, just how it goes)
I did manage to make a not-so-healthy purple shake in honor of the Minnsota Vikings during football season (recipe here)
And finally in the fall we sold our home and moved to our temporary home with my parents (Vitamix in storage)
We are moving into our new home in May and I finally feel like I have my feet under me enough on the mom front to resume mixing and blogging (I know I'm on the slow program, but please tell me this is normal)

So I guess what I'm trying to say is... stay tuned.  I have a new family member to blenderize for.  I hope my next recipe elicits some "nums!" and smiles from the high chair as well as the other end of cyberspace.