Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recipe #72... Tummy Trouble Tonic... For all Ages

Note: My little one is dealing with some tummy bumpers.  It hurts my heart.  Emilia is rarely sick, so when she is we are both derailed a bit.  Tummy troubles are minor but still no fun... especially when your diet is limited to the excitingly (j/k) bland BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet.  So I decided to fix a BRAT-inspired smoothie to literally mix it up and help her stay hydrated.  
Nearly Empty... Sweet Success!
Tummy Trouble Tonic
Add the following to your mixer of choice...
Makes 2 sip cup servings

3/4 c Coconut Water (hydration)

1/2 c Plain Greek Yogurt (protein and probiotics)
1 Fresh Strawberry (for taste)
1 Banana (the "B" in BRAT)
1 Small Handful of Ice (Our little one prefers less frozen flavor) 

When you are 13 mos old, a flexi straw and cup are more of a toy than method of sustenance intake - based on our recent experience.  More smoothie decorates the floor than remedies a bumping belly.  I found a Nuby sip cup with a straw perfect for her smoothies (in sickness and in health).  Blend your smoothie extra smooth to fit through the sip cup straw.  I hope you don't need this recipe anytime soon...  -A

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